Multimedia, IOT and SMART City

Multimedia, IOT and Smart city

Telis offers you TVs, Totems or industrial screens equipped with the GHX digital signage solution, as well as IOT solutions and Smart City applications such as people or vehicle counting, delivery space management, dashboards or customised applications to meet your business needs.

The challenges of connectivity for organisations and businesses

Technologies SMART

Sensors installed in the Principality. (counting vehicles, measuring noise pollution...)
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equipped hotel rooms
in France and in Monaco
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Dynamic signage

increase in sales for a product displayed on a screen in a supermarket entrance hall
10 %
Signage screens and Smart TV installed in the Principality
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Multimedia and IOT

Temperature, operating time and speed are the most frequently measured indicators
Decision-makers use IOT for predictive maintenance
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SMART City solutions

Telis relies on its partners and MonacoDatacenter to offer intelligent solutions for towns and cities in compliance with Monegasque legislation. Installation of intelligent sensors, creation of data lakes, data analysis and retrieval, dashboards, automated reports, automated systems, digital signage, alert management, etc.

SMART City solutions features

  • Counting people and vehicles by category
  • Availability of parking places
  • Reserving parking spaces for deliveries
  • Environmental measures
  • Provision of data banks
  • Development of specific use cases

The benefits of our SMART City solutions

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Development of new services
  • Promotion of actions undertaken
  • Creation of customised indicators
  • Project management from design to delivery
  • 100% Monaco development and installation

Solutions SMART Hôtel

As a specialist in integration within luxury hotel establishments, Telis offers intelligent solutions that comply with Monegasque legislation. Support your guests’ stay by calling on them at the right time, in the right place, without being intrusive, using our high added-value services. Remain available for your guests at all times and make it easy for them to access the many services at your Resort.

SMART Hotel solutions features

  • Directory of services and unified communications
  • Multi-site, multi-activity digital signage
  • Hotel services booking platform
  • Private Marketplace for Boutique Hotel
  • People counting
  • Domotique de la chambre
  • IPTV et applications de streaming
  • Applications interactives sur mesure
  • Constitution de lacs de données
  • Tableaux de bord
Case study: Hôtel de Paris, Société des Bains de Mer in Monaco

Discover one of the rooms equipped with Easyone’s GHX solution, by the Telis teams at the Société des Bains de Mer’s prestigious Paris hotel in Monaco.

The application, which can be accessed from a tablet, the TV in the room or on mobile phones, offers guests a host of multimedia functions to ensure impeccable service and an exceptional experience.

  • Hotel TV channel, TV and Radio by IP
  • Streaming, mirroring or V.O.D.
  • Customised multimedia application
  • Controlling air conditioning, lighting or shutters
  • Directory of services
Case study: Monte Carlo Beach Resort Société des Bains de Mer in Monaco

Find out how Telis teams integrated the digital signage component of Easyone’s GHX solution at the prestigious Monte Carlo Beach Resort, owned by the Société des Bains de Mer in Monaco.

The application broadcasts personalised communications to all the Resort’s screens, serving customers in the right place at the right time.

  • Hotel TV in the lobby
  • Dynamic signage for hotel services
  • Promotion consistent with orientation signage
  • Resort services highlighted according to schedule
  • Screens for reception areas

The benefits of our SMART Hotel solutions

  • Innovative new digital services for customers
  • New Marketplace / online shop services
  • Increased visibility of services during your stay
  • Developing brand storytelling
  • Secure, non-intrusive customer communication during your stay
  • Quick and easy information updates
  • Centralised management of signage communication
  • Opening up new markets
  • Customised dashboards
  • Creation of customised indicators
  • Project management from design to delivery
  • 100% Monaco development and installation

SMART Office solutions

Telis is responding to the new needs of businesses and public services with Smart Office solutions. Although mobility and teleworking are now part of everyday life, it is still necessary to work regularly in a suitable environment, whether in an office or a meeting room, alone or as part of a team. Optimising the use of your workspaces and meeting rooms is now possible.

What’s more, our Smart Office solutions have built-in digital signage.

SMART Office solutions features

  • Booking a room or office for a specific time slot
  • Online sharing of workspace planning
  • Display of room occupancy in front of the door
  • Possibility of mobile and tablet application
  • Dynamic signage
  • Centralised room management

The benefits of our SMART Office solutions

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Configuration training included
  • Dynamic signage embedded in the solution
  • Improved governance of workspaces
  • Optimising your workspaces
  • Solution secured by design

GHX digital signage solution

Telis deploys your dynamic signage display networks equipped with the GHX solution and modernises your communication for the long term. Whether outdoors, in shop windows or indoors, our digital signage solution brings the public, customers and employees into contact with the desired world at a glance, in images or video.

Screens, Totems, tables, Smart TV… We offer all types of support adapted to your broadcasting environments. IP67 waterproof enclosures, resistance to prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, high contrast for outdoor use. Ultra-thin, borderless or flexible screens to create a unique indoor screen wall. Your imagination is your only limit.

Promotional displays can be scalable from a single screen to several thousand across multiple sites. You can also update your displays in real time with just a few clicks. For each sales area, GHX provides a stage where your products are the stars. It’s a sustainable solution that’s adapted to new consumer habits, making every day a new opportunity.

For large companies, simplifying internal communications has never been easier.
With just a few clicks of the mouse, centralised administration lets you manage, both at head office and in your branch offices, compulsory postings, awareness-raising (safety, waste, ecology), promotion of the company spirit or internal events, press reviews…

Features of GHX digital signage solutions

  • Upload all types of media
  • Creating playlists
  • Management of connected screens
  • Segmentation of a screen into several broadcast zones
  • Planning broadcast scenarios
  • Centralised administration
  • Multi-screen broadcasting
  • Multi-site distribution

The advantages of our GHX digital signage solutions

  • Easy to handle
  • Scalable for use according to need
  • Possibility of using your existing screens
  • Possibility of managing your screen fleet
  • 1 tool for all your signage
  • Solution secured by design
  • Configuration training included
  • Operational and safety maintenance included

Home automation and IOT solutions

Telis harnesses the power of the IOT to provide you with automation and remote control solutions for your connected equipment. From the installation of an automated gate to centralised control of air conditioning, shutters or lighting, Telis can help you with all your projects.

The functionalities of home automation and IOT solutions

  • Centralised control of your connected objects
  • Tailor-made development
  • Setting up your connected objects
  • Centralising data from your connected tools
  • Creation of centralised dashboards
  • Maintenance and support

The benefits of our home automation and IOT solutions

  • Centralisation of orders
  • Supervision of connected objects
  • Optimising your usage
  • Secure solutions

Screens, Smart TV, Sound, Multimedia, Gaming

Telis buys, rents, stores, installs, manages and maintains Hi-fi and multimedia equipment for Monaco professionals. The expertise of our teams offers top-of-the-range installations, with no visible cables, so that your equipment fits seamlessly into your environment. With our optional 24/7/365 on-call service, we are at your side all year round, ready to help in the event of a breakdown.

Our services for the installation of Screens, Smart TV, Sound, Multimedia, Gaming

  • Managing your equipment purchases
  • Reception and delivery
  • Multimedia equipment leasing
  • Installation of all multimedia equipment
  • Multimedia asset management
  • Storage of your emergency equipment
  • Supervision, maintenance and user support
  • 24/7/365 call-out option

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