Video surveillance and security systems

Video surveillance and security systems

Telis relies on Genetec solutions to provide a centralised physical security solution for public and private organisations and businesses in Monaco.

The challenges of physical security

Video surveillance

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Alarm systems

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Access control

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Video surveillance solutions

Telis can help you design, install, operate and maintain your video surveillance project. Benefit exclusively from Genetec video surveillance solutions, which comply with Monegasque legislation.

Innovative solutions based on cameras specially designed for use in security control centres for a wide range of applications: temperature detection, people detection and counting, number plate identification…

The features of Génétec video surveillance

  • Intrusion management
  • Fire detection
  • Number plate recognition
  • Alarm feedback
  • Security PC management
  • Mapping the video surveillance system

The benefits of Génétec video surveillance

  • Modern safety experience
  • Protecting your organisation
  • Centralising operations
  • Smart connected cameras
  • Secure evidence management
  • Compliance with RGPD

Alarm system solutions

Telis installs and maintains alarm systems, offering you a range of innovative, legally compliant solutions to protect your organisation. We offer wired and wireless alarm systems to suit your infrastructure.

The features of our alarm systems

  • Intrusion management
  • Voice assistance
  • Motion detection
  • Automatic alert for law enforcement agencies
  • SMS notifications to identified referrers

The benefits of our alarm systems

  • Customised solutions
  • Protecting your organisation
  • In line with best practice
  • Logging of intrusions
  • Fire detection and alarm

Access control solutions

Telis provides Monegasque organisations and companies with access control solutions that comply with Monegasque legislation and the RGPD. We ensure the physical security of your infrastructure against intrusions. We limit access to restricted areas and help you trace access to your premises.

Features of our access control solutions

  • Control and filter access to your premises
  • Define personalised access rights
  • Access logging
  • Doorphone function
  • Access mapping
  • Access dashboards

The benefits of our access control solutions

  • Control access to your premises
  • Centralised access management
  • Open source systems
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Unifying your security systems
  • Access traceability

PC security solutions

As the nerve centre of your company’s physical security, the security PC enables your teams to anticipate risks. Telis installs, configures and maintains your security operations centre in accordance with your company’s security policy and Monegasque legislation.

Features of our PC security solutions

  • Integration of security strategies
  • Centralisation of alarm feedback
  • Business dashboards
  • Centralisation of video surveillance
  • Mapping of safety systems
  • Secure collaborative platform
  • Monitoring IOT security devices
  • Safety checklists

The benefits of our PC security solutions

  • A single solution to manage all your physical security
  • Collaboration between safety teams and employees
  • Responsive solutions (PC / tablet / mobile)
  • Quick and easy access to information
  • Simple, accessible user interface
  • Cybersecurity of the solution by design

Time management solutions

Time management is defined as all the processes for monitoring working hours within a company or organisation. Telis integrates time management solutions that comply with Monegasque legislation and the RGPD for Monegasque organisations and companies.

The features of our time management solutions

  • Tracking employee attendance times,
  • Managing absence and leave
  • Managing schedules and planning under constraints
  • Keeping track of activity times
  • Monitor individual time management counters
  • Stamping hours worked
  • Declaring the presence of a manager
  • Monitoring teleworking
  • Setting up leave acquisition
  • Setting up bonus acquisition
  • Set up the acquisition of recovery hours
  • Virtual stamping system (PC, smartphone, tablet)

The benefits of our time management solutions

  • Tracking working time
  • Cross-functional analysis by team
  • Possible support for teleworkers
  • Easier management of additional hours
  • Managing service providers' working hours
  • Access dashboards

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