Networks and connectivity

Networks and connectivity

Fibre, LAN, WIFI, WAN, SD-WAN or VPN, Telis offers connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. Telis creates your secure network infrastructure and installs it on your premises. Switches, routers, firewalls, web application firewalls, WiFi hotspots, bastions, XDRs… We offer the right equipment for your projects, and install and configure it according to your needs.

The challenges of connectivity for organisations and businesses

Network security

Increase in cyber attacks since 2020
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weeks of service interruption on average following a cyber attack


That's the speed that fibre optics can reach
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of business networks are mixed with a fibre optic backbone
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Networks and Cloud

have saved time and money by adopting the WAN
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of the company's traffic is cloud-oriented with the digital transition and the adoption of teleworking
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WAN and SD-WAN solutions

Telis builds secure multi-site network architectures tailored to your needs. Centralise the administration of your multi-site networks with next-generation WAN and SDWAN solutions! Connecting all your organisation’s sites around the world, and organising end-to-end governance from head office, is now possible !

Functionalities of WAN and SD-WAN network solutions

  • Partitioned and multi-layer networks
  • Multi-site network management
  • Real-time traffic optimisation
  • End-to-end access control
  • A centralised management dashboard
  • Optimised for Cloud connectivity

The benefits of our WAN and SD-WAN network solutions

  • High availability of service
  • High-Performance Networks
  • Enhanced security
  • Secure broadband and cloud traffic
  • Optional 24/7/365 maintenance and support
  • Reducing OpEx

Public and private WiFi solutions

Telis builds a secure wireless network architecture tailored to your needs. Public and private WiFi networks with controlled coverage for your staff, customers and visitors to collaborate or simply access the Internet. We also offer solutions and support tailored to sporting and cultural events in the Principality of Monaco: press centre, private and public WiFi, event management…

Features of wireless network solutions

  • Wireless broadband networks
  • Management of partitioned networks
  • Custom WiFi portals
  • Access traceability
  • Secure routing to remote sites
  • URL filtering

The advantages of our wireless network solutions

  • Facilitating employee mobility
  • Management of public and private spaces
  • Traffic safety
  • Cover tailored to your needs
  • Optional 24/7/365 maintenance and support
  • Management of public and private spaces

LAN and fibre optic solutions

Telis can help you design, install and build your wired network. We offer all types of cabling: fibre-optic networks for very high speed and LAN networks for high speed. Telis teams maintain and supervise your network to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Features of LAN and fibre-optic network solutions

  • Very high-speed networks
  • Real-time traffic optimisation
  • Secure routing to remote sites
  • Filtrage d'URLs

The advantages of LAN and fibre-optic network solutions

  • Stable, high-performance networks
  • Fast, secure networks
  • Optimising network load
  • Reliable and durable installation

Network security solutions

Telis offers you network security solutions to protect all accesses to your infrastructure continuously and in an appropriate manner:
Firewalls, network supervision, event corellation…

We integrate solutions tailored to your networks, whether they are physical networks or virtual networks in the cloud. We offer you appropriate hardware and software solutions to meet your objectives effectively.

A few examples of network security solutions

Protecting SD-WAN networks with Fortinet solutions

The multiplicity of sites, mobility and the emergence of new uses such as teleworking are leading corporate networks to multiply the number of endpoints, thereby extending their attack surface.

Telis and Fortinet offer scalable solutions adapted to SD-WAN networks to protect all your network entry points, whether they be mobile devices, workstations, servers or cloud infrastructures…

Hybrid Cloud Security with Palo Alto Networks and Nutanix

The virtual networks of your hybrid Cloud infrastructures need appropriate protection solutions.

Telis relies on paloalto and nutanix solutions to protect each cloud infrastructure created on our nutanix infrastructure at the MonacoDatacenter on the fly.

Features of network security solutions

  • Threat detection
  • Monitoring bandwidth consumption
  • Setting best security practices
  • Traffic filtering
  • Internal and external access control
  • Intrusion simulation

The benefits of network security solutions

  • Protection against DDOS attacks
  • Cyber threat prevention
  • Control of the organisation's web traffic
  • Cost optimisation

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